We have a large offer of workshops at Inspirational Yoga. The birth preparation class, ‘Active Birth’ and ‘Parent Effectivenss Training’ for conscious parents. These are organised a couple of times a year. Burn-out Coaching group sessions, Restorative Yoga and Yogawall workshops are monthly events. For more information you can click below or visit our events calender.



The Active Birth Workshop is a 4 hour workshop for those expecting a baby. We start with explaining the physiological process of childbirth in human language for a better understanding of what is about the happen. With this information you will be able to make up your own personal birth plan if you wish to do so. We will demonstrate the advantages of upright positions during birth and practise them together. You will learn some breathing excercises and we will show you some visual material. After the workshop you and your partner will feel more empowered and confident about your upcoming birth experience. Fill in the contact form for more information about dates & prizes.


Parent effectiveness training

The Parent Effectiveness Training is a 24 hrs (3 x 8 hrs or 8 x 3 hrs) workshop for parents wanting to improve the communication between them and their children. I took the class myself as a mother first. I was so impressed with the method I decided to become a PET certified Trainer so I could share the knowledge with my community. The difference for me comparing with other classes or books I know, is that PET doesn't just teach you what NOT to do, but really puts an emphasis on what you should do. You get plenty of examples and excercises to practise the new skills you learn. Because of the time left between classes, you get a chance to apply the new methods at home and then get feedback from the trainer and other parents when you return to class. For more details scroll down. For information about dates and prices please fill in the contact form.




pregnancy yoga teacher training

The Teacher Training Program for Pregnancy Yoga is a 24 hrs training.
After the training you will;
- Make your own pregnancy yoga class
- Adjust postures for pregnant ladies joining your regular class
- Have a greater understanding of birth and how yoga can prepare you for it