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Introduction to Yoga Therapy

  • Inspirational Yoga Jonghelinckstraat Antwerpen, Vlaanderen, 2018 Belgium (map)

Friday evening: 7 – 9pm 


By Monika Munzinger

When practicing restorative yoga, we stretch and relax specificareas in the body which we support by using props. We stay in a pose for a longer time – completely supported. This way it is easy to let go and the body as well as the mind can find deep rest. All bodily systems are addressed and a renewal  on the physical, psychological and mental level take place. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to apply anatomy to restorative yoga poses

  • How to practice and prop to increase the functions of the immune system

  • How to position the body for a deeper relaxation

Saturday morning: 10am – 1pm                        


By Monika Munzinger

Our modern lifestyle means that we are sitting for hours at desks, over laptops, cell phones and driving the car. We are physically quite inactive. This is not good for our posture and the result is that the upper back starts leaning forward which then creates pain. The muscles get weak, the spine collapses on itself, gets compressed and loses its mobility.  These muscular imbalances need to be addressed because they can cause restrictions in the hips, shoulders and the spine.  

In this introductory workshop you will learn: 

  • How to bring the spine into an upright and effortless posture through spinal extension

  • How to reduce lower back pain

  • How to create symmetry and balance to opposing muscles when the pelvis is tilted

  • How to relax the lower back through restorative yoga


Saturday afternoon: 2 – 4pm                           


By Eve Mintiens

There is an important distinction between depression and burnout: while people suffering from depression generally feel like they have lost their zest for life, burnout is mostly due to excessive energy consumption. So it is logical that our approach with yoga should also be different for these two conditions. This workshop is taught by Eve Mintiens.

in this workshop you will learn:

  • The difference between depression and burn-out

  • A sequence and beneficial poses for depression

  • A sequence and beneficial poses for burn-out


Sunday morning: 9 – 11am 


By Monika Munzinger

In this introductory workshop Monika will focus on how to move and position hands, arms and shoulders to avoid injuries and to retrieve optimal benefits from a yoga practice. The delicate balance of flexibility and strength can so easily be upset and get the shoulder joint into trouble. This can happen especially during strong weight bearing postures, but also by moving the arm incorrectly. 

In this introductory workshop you will learn:

  • How to stabilize the shoulder girdle muscles for inversion

  • How to move the shoulders and arms in overhead positions to avoid injuries

  • How to relate shoulder stability with core strength

Sunday noon:     12 – 2pm           


 By Monika Munzinger

A yoga practitioner can go through various stages on her journey as described in the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali. Quietening the mind and letting go of physical and mental activities is a process that can be achieved by every yoga practitioner. A sense of inner peace, centeredness and contentment will be experienced from within.

In this workshop you will practice:

  • Yoga philosophy put into practice 

  • Deep Relaxation (yoga nidra)

  • Meditation 


  • Price €60. VAT incl. for 1 workshop, €55 per workshop if you book 3, €50 per workshop if you book 4 or 5.

  • Book together with the “Restorative TT” of “Prenatal TT” and get 10% discount.

  • You inscription is completed after we received your payment at BE25 0689 3042 9582

  • Minimum of 5 participants required. Cancellation until 15th of august 50% refunded. After that no refund is possible. You can always find someone yourself to take your place.

  • Teachers Monika Munzinger and Eve Mintiens

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